Range of Air Fresheners.

Created for your well-being, this range combines natural ingredients to provide a unique olfactory experience!

L’instant des sens offers two distinct and complementary ranges: The Essential and Premium range. Each fragrance is a universe designed to evoke emotions and memories.

Essential Range

Our essential range consists of 16 unique indoor fragrances, each of them transporting you to a different world. You will find them available in various forms: capillary diffusion, candles, room sprays, catalytic lamps… Our fragrances adapt to your needs and desires.

Gamme premium

Our premium range includes two capillary diffuser formats with 29 cm rattan sticks for optimal diffusion, premium candles presented in a beautiful French-made case, and concentrated interior fragrances to provide you with a warm and personalized ambiance that will last for several hours…

Essential Range

Our colors have fragrances.

Discover our essential range, consisting of 16 different interior fragrances to cater to all your desires!

We collaborate with a certified ISO 9001 European herbalist laboratory to create all our fragrances using high-quality raw materials. The ingredients macerate for an average of 60 days in stainless steel tanks to ensure perfect stability without synthetic fixatives.

The alcohols used are derived from sugarcane, and the colorants are those used in the food industry. The technical expertise of this manufacturing process guarantees maximum natural olfactory strength.

Discover our 16 interior fragrances

Diamond Range (8 fragrances)

Amphora Range (8 fragrances)

Variations of Our Fragrances

Catalysis lamps

They are designed to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors from your home. Thanks to their catalytic diffusion system, the molecules responsible for unpleasant odors are destroyed by oxidation. We use 100% cotton wicks to avoid the diffusion of black smoke.

Catalytic refills

Our collection is made up of 21 powerful and refined fragrances (16 from the essential range and 5 from the premium range) specifically for catalytic lamps.

Capillary fragrance diffusers

We offer 200 ml capillary glass diffusers for long-lasting, subtle fragrance diffusion. Thanks to the capillary technique, the scented liquid rises in the sticks to diffuse into the ambient air.
We offer 2 bottle formats: a colorful, striking and modern diamond design, and a soft, refined white amphora design.

Refills for capillary fragrance diffusers and sticks

You’ll find refills for capillary fragrance diffusers for all 16 fragrances, as well as rattan sticks for infinite use of your diffusers.



Scented candles

In addition, we offer candles coordinated with capillary diffusers. These are made in France from 100% plant-based, biodegradable soy wax. It’s a natural and ecological alternative to traditional candles.
Each candle is handmade by a master waxmaker, guaranteeing impeccable artisanal quality.

Perfume sprays and medallions

In spray or medallion form, this range offers a beautiful eco-responsible alternative for scenting your home in a sustainable, natural way.


Premium range

An ode to renewal.

When elegance becomes synonymous with simplicity.
In developing our premium range, we’ve made it a point of honor to focus on the essentials.
To delight your senses, we’ve decided to revisit the very essence of our fragrances.

Our premium range includes 2 sizes of capillary diffusers with 29 cm rattan sticks for optimum diffusion, premium candles presented in a beautiful case made in France, and concentrated home fragrances to offer you a warm, personalized atmosphere that will last for several hours…
Our diffusers are highly appreciated for their refined, luminous aesthetics, allowing you to perfume your home while adding an elegant decorative touch.
Our ceramic diffusers are both elegant and practical, thanks to their capillary action. The luminous base of our ceramic diffusers illuminates the inside of the ceramic for a soft, warm ambience.
Offer or treat yourself to a unique, personalized and refined experience with our premium range of 5 fragrances.

Discover our 5 premium home fragrances

Variations of our 5 fragrances

Each fragrance offers a unique experience.

To enable you to choose the diffusion method that suits you best, each of our fragrances is available in several product types:
– 250ml and 500ml capillary diffusers
– Refills for capillary diffusers
– 220g and 400g candles
– Catalysis lamp refills
– Room sprays

Tiare flower

Intense Vanilla

Floral Stroll

Blooming Pomegranate

Amber Sandalwood

Discover our ceramic capillary diffusers.

An elegant and luminous interior.

Our ceramic diffusers are both elegant and practical, thanks to their capillary diffusion. The illuminated base of our ceramic diffusers illuminates the interior of the ceramic for a soft and warm ambiance.

Our diffusers are highly regarded for their refined and luminous aesthetics, allowing you to fragrance your interior while adding a touch of elegant decoration.